Behavioral Health

The Essence of Care is Treating the Whole Person

At Evolve, we pride ourselves in using evidence-based, cost-effective approaches in combination with proprietary software to improve the quality of life for patients who are battling behavioral health and mental health issues, and in turn create stronger families and communities in the process. We recognize that taking a unique “whole person” approach to health can achieve positive results in behavioral health, mental, and physical illnesses.

We provide a wide range of behavioral health and mental health services to meet your needs. 

Our platform allows you to receive in person or Telehealth services to accommodate your needs.


Individual Therapy

Our individualized therapy is one-on-one treatment with a licensed therapist to address mental health concerns, and our behavioral therapy is individual therapy that uses techniques to change thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Family Therapy

Family therapy aims to improve family dynamics and relationships by addressing issues and conflicts within the family system, and helping all members understand and communicate with each other better. The goal is to create a stronger, more functional and happier family unit.

Couples Therapy

Our licensed therapists can be very effective in helping couples improve communication, manage challenges, and develop successful conflict resolution strategies to enhance emotional connection and satisfaction in their relationship.

Evolve Managed Care Solutions

The Essence of Care is Treating The whole Person

At Evolve, our services address members’ emotional, social and physical wellbeing resulting in better outcomes at reduced costs